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Juiced Media believes that websites are one of the most important assets a company can have, it doesn't matter whether you have a large multi-national corporation or a small self-employed setup, your web presence is essential to your company success.

First impressions are important in business, whether it is in a meeting with clients and partners, the brand that your portray, the décor and feel of your high street store or your website, whatever that first impression of a company is like is what people will remember.

Information is at a premium in this digital age especially when people can access the internet on their desktop computer at work, their laptop and smart TV at home, and when they are out and about they can access the internet via their smartphone or tablet.

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website is a website that is designed using a series of grids that are based on proportions instead of on pixels so that whatever device your website is viewed from it will display properly.

The proportions that are used in this form of web design are a percentage rather than pixels or points. When your website is automatically resized by a device such as a tablet, the site can display properly without losing any data. Responsive website design creates an easy reading style of website that can be navigated easily with the lowest possible need to zoom, scroll or resize the page you are viewing regardless of the device being used.

Flexible images are used instead of fixed images. They are sized in relative units that prevents them from displaying outside of their containing element and will adjust in proportion to the rest of the site when it is resized.

Why do I need a Responsive Website?

There are lots of websites out there that have websites that have been developed using a number of set pixels and points instead of the percentages that are used in responsive website design, so when the website is viewed on something other than a laptop or desktop computer, the website will not display properly on it.
Some items may not shrink down and fill the entire screen on a smartphone making your website unusable, or items that are set into neat, clean sections on your website may move into other locations that make it difficult to navigate. There can even be a loss of data that leads to pixilation and leaves you with a site that looks unprofessional.

What Juiced Media can do for your company

Juiced Media can create a website for your business that will always leave the best first impression regardless of which device a customer first encounters you on. We will develop a site for you that will operate in the same manner whether it is being used on a smartphone or on your desktop computer.
Using fluid, proportion-based grids, CSS3 media queries and flexible images we will build a responsive website that is customized to meet your company needs without having to create a separate mobile site that has limited operation and will leave your clients feeling frustrated.

Want to get started on your project? Contact us through studio@juiced-media.co.uk or phone us at 0800 009 6099. You can also fill out a query form on our contact page.

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